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First of its kind lecture at LSU

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In a packed room with over 75 attendees, uLab was featured at the Annual LSU Alumni Meeting

during a ground-breaking lecture on in-house aligners delivered by Dr. Jason Cope of Cope Orthodontics in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Cope shared his innovative, yet simple approach to in-house aligners and demonstrated the full end-to-end process aligner printing process using the uDesign software.

It was a first of its kind lecture as Dr. Cope designed and manufactured a set of aligners right there on the spot.  Dr. Cope started his lecture by demonstrating the movement planning for a moderate case in under 10 minutes using uDesign. Once he completed this step, he sent the case files to a Moonray 3-D printer in the lecture hall which printed the resin models in just 30 minutes. The aligners were then thermoformed and trimmed. The entire process was completed with finished aligners delivered to Dr. Cope at the podium in just over an hour.

The orthodontists in attendance were amazed to see how simple the workflow was and how quickly the aligners were created using uLab’s software. uLab has been designed to give aligner control back to the orthodontist, where it belongs.


Jason Cope, DDS PhD is a practicing orthodontist, teacher, publisher, inventor, and much sought after international speaker.  Dr. Cope is unique among orthodontists; he is the only orthodontist in Texas who has a PhD in craniofacial bone biology.  Dr. Cope is a graduate from Southern Methodist University and Baylor College of Dentistry, where he graduated with honors.

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