uLab’s intuitive interface and ease of use will revolutionize in-house aligner treatment.” – Ed Brown, DDS, MSD

Convenient, same-day service

Customized treatment plan created by your orthodontist, the smile expert

The latest clear aligner technology

At uLab, we’re committed to applying the latest technology to deliver your ideal smile. That means constantly innovating, so your orthodontist can offer the most effective clear aligner treatment plan, faster service, and higher quality care.

How It Works

uLab’s advanced planning software allows your orthodontist to create a treatment plan right in their office in as little as 10 minutes without consulting a separate production company. Your plan will demonstrate how each of your custom-made aligners will shape your ideal smile by gradually moving your teeth to the right place. Using novel 3D printing technology, your orthodontist will engineer your aligners for a precise, comfortable fit as fast as the same day as your consultation — so you can get started right away.

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Orthodontists who use uLabs want to bring the best service and most effective care to their patients. See if your orthodontist uses uLab Systems or find a trained practitioner near you to get started.


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