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Success at Mother of Pearls in Irvine, CA

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uLab Systems was honored to participate in the first ever Mother of Pearls conference in Irvine, California.  Over 200 orthodontists from all over the world attended to take part in the educational experience. At the conference, 16 speakers each provided their own unique pearls of wisdom ranging from marketing to the ‘Zen and the art of orthodontics’.

uLab Systems received several mentions from speakers at the conference including a lecture given by Dr. Jason Cope entitled, “The Digital Dilemma – Does Implementing A Digital Workflow Make Sense?”  In his lecture, Dr Cope, a practicing orthodontist in TX, designed and manufactured a set of aligners all during his short presentation.  He created a treatment plan for a mild to moderate case in under 10 minutes using the uLab software.  He sent the case files to a 3D printer in the back of the room that printed the resin models.  The aligners were then thermoformed.  In just under an hour, Dr. Cope created and printed the aligners for his live audience while they watched – proof that in-house aligners are now possible. Orthodontists in attendance were eager to see the possibilities that uLab System enables such as same day aligners and combination treatments.

uDesign was FDA cleared in January.  Currently, the software is in final pilot testing with a select group of orthodontists and is targeting a launch of mid 2019. uLab Systems will attend AAO this May in Los Angeles, so drop by the booth for a hands-on software experience. Or if you want to learn more about uLab now, then fill out our ‘Get Started’ form on the website at www.ulabsystems.com.

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