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Your Practice Logo

You design the treatment, so the packaging should promote your practice. When you order clear aligners from uLab, receive them with your practice logo professionally printed on the box, aligner pouches and aligner case.

Your Expertise, <br>Your Practice Logo

Five easy steps:

  1. Log into the uLab Hub and select “Settings” (Gear icon)
  2. In the black bar, select “Custom Packaging”
  3. Click the “add new custom packaging” button
  4. The uLab design team will email a digital mockup of your box, pouch, and aligner case
  5. Just check the “Custom Packaging” radio button during checkout.

It’s that easy!

You’ll be ordering aligners in custom packaging in no time!

Orders with custom packaging still benefit from our quick 3-10 business-day delivery times.*

The custom packaging from uLab has been a great addition to my in-house aligners. I have been happy with how professional it looks and I feel comfortable giving out the boxes to my patients knowing it is a quality product. The price point also makes it an easy addition to my uLab cases.

Dr. Josh Gilbert, Highland Park, IL

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