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uDesign 7 is the latest release of the uLab Systems™️ treatment planning platform, now featuring the uAssist™️ treatment planning assistance service and powerful AI-based tools.

uDesign 7 is a comprehensive aligner workflow solution that can be used across moderate to complex cases and gives you the convenience, efficiency, control and flexibility you need when it comes to treatment planning, pricing, and delivery. Choose to plan cases entirely yourself, send cases to our experienced team for assistance, or do both depending on your workload. Options at your fingertips so you can focus on what's best for your patients and your practice.

  • • uAssist – concierge treatment planning assistance services from trained orthodontists and dentists

  • • Guided Setup – align arches easily to common templates and save time with new advanced tools

  • • Auto Staging – one-click intelligent collision avoidance and sequencing

  • • uView™ – chairside consulting and treatment plan details on the web

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Short Intro

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Feature Introduction

Feature Introduction

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Full Overview

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Treatment planning assistance reimagined for the busy orthodontist.
uLab developed the uAssist service because each orthodontist has their own unique workflow and we are dedicated to providing options that enable them to practice the way they chose, providing flexibility at all stages of patient care.

The uAssist team’s deep understanding of orthodontic biomechanics and the uSmile™ aligner system will assist to increase the efficiency of your treatment plans. You have both control and flexibility at the touch of a button.

Guided Setup

Treatment planning is even faster and more efficient than before with streamlined tools. Choose your desired arch template and let the AI create the tooth movements, then try out the new individual tooth movement widget.

Auto Staging

Let the AI do the staging work for you; with one button, automatically set up the stages for each case to avoid collisions and provide intelligent tooth movement sequencing.


Use the new web-based app to access cases chairside to show a patient’s case treatment plan and view clinical details like IPR and attachments.

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