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uDesign 9 is the latest release of the uLab Systems® treatment planning platform, featuring the uAssist™️ treatment planning assistance service and powerful AI-based tools. We have packed lots of new clinical features, bundle check-out options and several workflow improvements into the next uDesign software package. Below are the highlights!


Treatment Planning Changes

Bite ramp
Now with leveling plains—auto populates on selected teeth and can be added and deleted at specific stages.
Attachment copy/paste function
Maintain angle, position and size of attachment when copying and pasting from one tooth to another.
New pontic library with dome shape. Pontic can be placed on an extracted tooth position. Auto resize and relocate at keyframe stages. Pontics/Domes can now be added to retainer cases as well.
Auxiliaries for “Retainer Only” cases
Choose from any of the available auxiliaries when creating retainer cases including pontics and domes.
Eruption dome
Improved initial size and position. Can now add at any keyframe stage, not just the beginning and end.
Digital Fill enhancements
New algorithm and improved user screens when adding digital fill for in-office printing.
Quick 3 attachments
Keep attachments placed on default stage (typically stage 1) when using the uAssist service but printing Quick 3 in-office.


Checkout & Ordering

Finishing Bundles
Whether your patient needs just a few final movements at the end of their bracket treatment, or they need to correct mild relapse due to poor compliance with their retainers, now choose the Finishing Bundle from uLab in one easy click. Only available on uDesign 9.

  • A la carte aligners can be added to all uLab® bundles.
  • Order the retainers on a second shipment if you want to rescan to ensure a great fit.
  • Templates are included just in case you need attachments for that final extrusion or movement.
  • Custom packaging is included in all uLab bundles.
  • Bundle is valid for 6 months from case start date.
  • uAssist will help with bracket removal, treatment planning, and retainer setup.
    • Remove the archewire before scanning.
    • submit to uAssist and designate bracket removal needed.
    • review the case once ready.
    • Choose the finishing bundle at checkout.
    • Order aligners and retainers when ready.

“Select All” Button at checkout
Changed to “Select All Aligners”. This button will not select retainers. Retainers must be manually selected.

Bundle tile format change
A la Carte pricing is now listed separately below the bundle details to minimize confusion on the bundle price verses the price for any a la carte aligners needed to complete the treatment plan.

Print Previously Ordered Stages
Ability to print the template and/or any stage that has been previously ordered from uLab.

Checkout Icon – Ordered Stages
Stages that were both ordered and printed will display as a two color icon at checkout. The grey color indicates the stage was printed in-office while the blue color will indicate if the stage was ordered from uLab.

The following features or options have removed:

  • Zendura 040 retainer option
  • “uLite” option from case generation page
  • Duplicate order message that appears during refinements



Who should upgrade to uDesign 9?

All users are encouraged to upgrade all office computers with uDesign to access the new features and options. uAssist users will be required to upgrade since the uAssist team will be using the latest version for all case designs after the launch date.

Why do uAssist users have to upgrade?

Cases submitted to or returned from uAssist after the launch date of uDesign 9 will utilize the new clinical features available and will not be backwards compatible to previous uDesign versions. To preserve case integrity, uAssist users will be required to upgrade to uDesign 9 to review cases submitted after the launch date. Users will be prompted to upgrade when the software is available from within uDesign and in emails received when cases are returned for review.

What happens if I forget to upgrade before opening a case from uAssist?

The software will close to preserve the integrity of the case. The user must download the new version of the software before viewing the case.

What about cases that have already been complete by uAssist before the launch?

Cases completed and returned to users before the uDesign 9 launch can still be opened with previous versions of the software. Just NEW cases submitted or returned after the launch date will require the upgrade.


Treatment planning assistance reimagined for the busy orthodontist.

uLab developed the uAssist service because each orthodontist has their own unique workflow and we are dedicated to providing options that enable them to practice the way they chose, providing flexibility at all stages of patient care.

The uAssist team’s deep understanding of orthodontic biomechanics and the uSmile™ aligner system will assist to increase the efficiency of your treatment plans. You have both control and flexibility at the touch of a button.

Guided Setup

Treatment planning is even faster and more efficient than before with streamlined tools. Choose your desired arch template and let the AI create the tooth movements, then try out the new individual tooth movement widget.

Auto Staging

Let the AI do the staging work for you; with one button, automatically set up the stages for each case to avoid collisions and provide intelligent tooth movement sequencing.


Use the new web-based app to access cases chairside to show a patient’s case treatment plan and view clinical details like IPR and attachments.

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