Committed to innovation, the orthodontist, and your brand

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Committed to innovation, the orthodontist, and your brand

We believe that your expertise and experience are critical when treating patients and you deserve the tools to bring your vision to life. We developed a treatment system – controlled by you – so you can design the perfect smile for your patients.

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Treatment plans controlled by you in as few as 10 minutes

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Combo and hybrid treatments now possible for your mild to severe cases

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Pay-per-aligner pricing so you save on lab fees1

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Your expertise,
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Design treatment plans in your office in as few as 10 minutes

With the leading aligner manufacturer, you likely go back and forth with a remote technician multiple times. Now you can focus on what’s best for your patient—in your office—in as few as 10 minutes.

The uDesign® treatment planning software automatically segments the teeth and with artificial intelligence uses your preferences to create a baseline treatment plan. Then you’re in full control to fine tune the plan for the perfect smile.

Combo & hybrid treatments now possible

uLab is the only company that offers you the tools, treatment options, and pay-by-aligner pricing so that you can use the ideal treatment modality for every patient, every time:

  • Hybrid Cases: Consider aligners on one arch and fixed appliances on the other
  • Combo Cases: Use fixed appliances for challenging movements, then easily switch to aligners to refine your case
  • Aligners: Or use aligners for the entire case

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You do all the work, so why let the manufacturer take the credit? uLab provides the option to print your practice name on each patient’s aligner package, allowing you to build brand awareness and establish your practice as the expert in orthodontic care.

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