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The uLab Advantage

uLab has innovated the next generation of smile technology. Create aligner movement plans in as little as 10 minutes and print custom aligners the same day, right in your office. Our breakthrough software, with FDA clearance, offers full control over your treatment plans, utilizing the latest intra-oral scanning and 3D printing technologies.

Intuitive interface

makes adoption simple and fast.

Flexible platform

offers easy mid-treatment refinements without delays.

AI technology

learns your preferences over time.

Benefits for Orthodontists

Maximize your time by creating treatment plans right in your office, in as little as 10 minutes.

Gain the flexibility to easily create both clear-aligner and combination plans.

Send more patients home happy by providing same-day service.

uLab brings a whole new level of efficiency and unprecedented control with clear aligner therapy back in my hands. Being able to deliver same day aligners and to move in and out of hybrid treatment with my fixed appliances at minimal cost is a game changer! uLab is true to its name and gives me the ability to promote my own brand of clear aligners." – Dr. Eric Wu

uLab will revolutionize how orthodontists practice, by giving back control over how clear aligner cases are treated. Being able to complete virtual setups in-house, in minutes, will decrease the burden of aligner treatment planning, while expanding the range of cases that can be treated with aligners." – Dr. Tim Dumore

Benefits for Patients

Get started after just one appointment, instead of waiting weeks, thanks to same-day aligner technology.

Receive a personalized treatment plan directly from your orthodontist instead of a third-party company.

Achieve your ideal smile with the latest clear aligner technology.

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