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Digital Orthodontic Treatment Planning: Mastering the Nuances with Dr. Rooz Khosravi

Creating an effective and efficient digital orthodontic treatment plan can be frustrating without a sound, strategic foundation. Join Dr. Rooz Khosravi in this webinar as he unlocks the secrets of treating cases in a digital environment. During the webinar, attendees will learn how to treat a wide variety of cases in digital treatment planning software and effective techniques to employ. Maximizing the AI-assisted software to achieve quality treatment outcomes will be covered, along with creating efficient workflow processes.

Register Here (Friday, April 16 10:00 AM PT)

The Wait is Over! uSmile Aligners coming soon to Canadian Orthodontists!

Join Dr. Tim Dumore as he shares insights on the latest manufactured aligner to hit the Canadian market from uLab Systems.  This exclusive webinar for Canadian orthodontic practices only, will cover an overall workflow process that includes utilizing uSmile aligners as a tool in the office to create beautiful smiles for your patients.  Dr. Dumore will also describe how he has transitioned a portion of his in-office aligner manufacturing to uLab Systems, so he can effectively scale his business.  Custom packaging will be discussed, along with how branding your own aligners can differentiate your practice from the competition. (reserved for Canadian practices only)

Register Here (Tuesday, April 20 5:00 PM PT)

Previous Events

The Digital Potential Webinar: The Latest in Advanced Treatment Planning

Learn how to set up a variety of cases utilizing innovative, AI-assisted software so you can take back control of the tratment planning process.

The Orthodontists’s Secret Weapon: The Digital Assistant

Learn how empowered Digital Assistants streamline the uLab workflow, increasing efficiencies for the orthodontist and improving the patient experience.

The Digital Orthodontist: The Aligner Episode 

Orthodontists who use aligners from 3M, Align and uLab compare the three systems.

People & Practice: The Survival Guide for Orthodontists

Interview with Amir Abolfathi, uLab CEO. How technology gives Orthodontists control over production, process and costs.