How it works

Take back control of your treatment plan –
it’s never been easier.

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Scan and easily import your case

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Plan your case in as little as 10 minutes

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Print with three options to suit your needs


Scanning made simple

  • uLab is compatible with all leading scanners
  • Simply attach the raw STL files to import the case
  • Editing tools available including virtual bracket removal
  • EasyRx integration available
Plan your entire case in as little as 10 minutes. Advanced AI learns your preferences over time.


Planning your aligner case is simple

  • Plan your aligner case in as little as 10 minutes right in your office without the tedious back and forth with a remote tech
  • Our advanced artificial intelligence learns your preferences over time, with each case you plan
  • We are constantly innovating to provide you with more features to give you even more control
  • With our pay-by-aligner pricing, mixed modality cases such as combo and hybrid are now practical for the very first time

Aligner planning that fits into your schedule and your digital workflow

uLab Supports Aligner & Fixed Treatment with Turnkey Features:

Automatic Segmentation with AI

Using artificial intelligence, the uLab software automatically segments teeth in seconds.

Advanced Staging & Sequencing

uLab gives you the control to make precise adjustments possible, including the staging and sequence of movements.

Virtual Bracket Removal

Remove your patients brackets virtually with just a few clicks. Save chair time and an appointment by preparing finishing retainers in advance.


We give you options when it comes to aligner creation – three to be exact. Total control so that you can do what’s best for your patients and your practice.

Choose the aligner printing option that works best for you:

uLab Print

Print all aligners with
uLab manufacturing

In-Office Print

Print aligners in-office

In-Office Print + uLab Print

Print some aligners in-office
and send the rest to uLab

uLab Print

Print your aligners at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant right here in the US.

  • Simplified ordering with just one click
  • Faster delivery in 10 business days or less with packaging that showcases your brand
  • Our pay-by-aligner pricing allows you to pay for what you need, which means savings of up to 51% 1

In-Office Print

Already printing, curious about printing or ready to start printing in-office? We’re here to support you at any step in your journey.

  • Quick Start Guide – We’ve literally written the manual on in-office printing and we’re glad to share it with you. Everything you need to know from scanners to printers to packaging
  • Education and Support – Our training is top notch. We’ll quickly get you up to speed and provide you with the support you need
  • Compatibility – uLab is compatible with all leading scanners and printers, making your choice easier

In-Office Print + uLab Print

The choice is yours, print what you like, and uLab will print the rest.

  • Print the first few aligners to get your patient started right away and then send the rest to uLab. Or send away your full aligner cases to uLab and only print your finishing and combo cases in-office