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Navigating the Waters of Digital Treatment Planning

Included in this webinar (~50min):

As technology evolves, strategies to create effective and efficient workflows are essential to the success of any orthodontic practice. Join Dr. Eric Wu as he shares his journey and how he has found balance between in-office aligner production and outsourcing. During the presentation, participants will learn the latest in digital workflow, the role of the digital assistant and how treatment planning can be done seamlessly chairside. Dr. Wu will share pearls on treatment planning moderate to difficult cases within the uDesign software. Most appropriate for orthodontists already familiar with uDesign or who are evaluating in-office printing.

Things you’ll learn:

  • benefits of an in-office lab vs. outsourcing aligner production
  • digital tools to educate patients and create treatment plans chairside
  • training and delegating to a digital assistant
  • tips for treatment planning moderate to complex cases

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