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uLab Attains Significant Commercial Milestone

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Silicon Valley, CA –uLab Systems, the creator of the breakthrough orthodontic aligner movement planning software, has passed a significant commercial milestone with over 6,000 cases developed in just 6 months.

uLab launched a pilot program with a select group of orthodontists last summer and has seen resounding growth with over 6,000 cases in only 6 months. What’s more, uLab’s vision of bringing control back to the orthodontist is proving successful. The movement planning for all 6,000+ cases was completed directly by participating orthodontists and their staff right in their offices. Additionally, cases were created end to end in as little as 10 minutes, bringing efficiency and increased patient satisfaction to the aligner treatment process.

Dr. Eric Wu of Palo Alto, California was one of the first orthodontists to use uLab software. “I have been extremely happy with both the simplicity of the system and the complexity of the cases I can treat. With uLab, I can now create the treatment plan and print aligners right in my office on the very same day. This allows me to start treatment faster and makes aligner creation in my office possible.”

Charlie Wen, the CEO of uLab says, “We are very pleased with the response from our group of pilot orthodontists. To achieve over 6,000 cases in about 6 months proves our software is a powerful tool that is putting control back in the hands of the orthodontist.”

uLab is planning for a broader commercial launch at the American Association of Orthodontists’ annual meeting in May. If you would like to learn more about uLab Systems, please visit the website at www.ulabsystems.com.

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