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uLab® Celebrates One Million Aligner Treatments

Memphis, Tennessee (February 29, 2024)—uLab Systems® announces it has achieved its one millionth order for a clear aligner treatment plan. The milestone was reached when Dr. Melanie Wang from Dr. Melanie Orthodontics created a uDesign® treatment plan for clear aligner therapy and ordered the case from uLab. Orthodontists utilize the uDesign platform to order uSmile™ aligners from uLab®’s Memphis facility or create them in their own office utilizing 3D-printing and thermoforming equipment.

“I am honored to have been the orthodontist to have submitted the 1 millionth aligner case for uLab. I’ve been a uLab supporter since almost the beginning, and I truly appreciate their consistent commitment to putting orthodontists first in so many ways,” says Dr. Melanie. “The company has an amazing culture that takes care of their customers and their teams. The uAssist concierge service has by far the most personal touch of any of the aligner companies out there. Their responses are fast and accurate. The new bundle offerings take the guesswork out of predicting the number of aligners needed for a case and make the invoices easy to understand. Overall, I am a huge fan of their innovation, quality and culture.”

The company was started in 2015 to create a different kind of aligner company. uLab’s innovation has focused on the needs of orthodontists and on providing them with treatment tools that allow them to apply their best practices. Orthodontists are no longer locked into defined treatment paths dictated by technicians and the aligner vendor.

The “u” in “uLab” symbolizes who the company serves—the orthodontist. uLab’s first product was the uDesign treatment planning software, which enabled orthodontists to create clear aligners in their own office-based lab. uLab then evolved into a full-service aligner provider in 2021, offering uSmile clear aligners and retainers from its factory in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2022, the company added the uAssist™ concierge treatment planning assistance team.

These advancements are significantly different from those of competitors, and many signify “first-in-the-industry” offerings:

uSmile aligner products—uSmile aligner products are sustainably manufactured in the U.S. and shipped quickly. Customers can differentiate themselves in their market by requesting their practice logo on the patient packaging.

uAssist treatment planning assistance—Professionally trained orthodontists and dentists provide uAssist treatment planning assistance. Turnaround times are prompt at twenty-one hours on average. The orthodontist can make modifications utilizing uDesign without having to send the case back to the uAssist team.

uDesign treatment planning software—uDesign treatment planning software continues to be improved. New software buttons allow orthodontists to easily navigate a series of automated setups, staging, and digital bracket removal, giving practitioners complete control over all aspects of the treatment steps and results.

Flexible purchase options—Choosing a la carte, bundles, or a mix-and-match option ensures transparent pricing. There is no need to request an entire order, which is extremely wasteful and environmentally unsound. Instead, practitioners can ship only the aligners needed for the first predictable segment for teeth movement. They can then order the next segment, or “sprints,” so that they proceed in a defined sequence that minimizes product storage and wasted aligners, should refinements be needed.

uLab is dedicated to innovating for the orthodontic specialty. The company provides practitioners with easy access to innovative, state-of-the-art tools that give orthodontists the flexibility to control a patient’s treatment plan unencumbered by pricing structure confines and restrictive protocols.

About uLab Systems

uLab’s mission is to advance the orthodontic industry with aligner products and digital treatment planning software that let orthodontists take back control of their treatment plans and provide the best outcomes for their patients. uLab sustainably manufactures uSmile aligners in Memphis, TN, recycling over 80% of manufacturing mold materials. uLab products are available to orthodontic practices in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. To learn more visit Contact: Johanna Beckmen, VP of Marketing,

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