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uLab® enhances digital workflow flexibility with improved clinical features and new bundle purchasing options.

Memphis, Tennessee (May 01, 2024)—uLab Systems® announces the release of the uDesign® 9 treatment planning software, the AI-assisted platform designed exclusively for orthodontists to maximize their control over treatment and provide more aligner workflow flexibility than any other platform on the market.

The uDesign 9 release includes feature enhancements for bite ramps, pontics and domes, attachments and attachment templates, digital fill for in-office printing, auxiliaries for retainers, a beta version of IDB and various user interface improvements. The release also marks the launch of a purchase option designed to conveniently finish bracket cases with aligners or treat relapse cases. This finishing bundle includes the uAssist™ service for bracket removal and case planning, attachment templates, up to six aligners and two retainers, custom packaging and the option to rescan and ship retainers in a second shipment to ensure the best fit for the patient. As with all uLab bundles, a la carte aligners can be added to accommodate extra stages as needed, without the hassle of purchasing another package or a bundle with more stages than the patient needs to reach their goal.

“The uDesign platform has evolved significantly since it was launched in 2018. With every release we have one goal in mind—to make things easier for the orthodontist and give them flexibility to treat their patients as needed, unincumbered by protocols or purchase options dictated by the vendor. uDesign 9 continues this commitment, delivering enhancements to clinical features and workflow and UI changes that improve the user experience,”

says Charlie Wen, President and Chief Technology Officer of uLab. “We listen closely to our customers; all of the changes in this release are a result of input from our users.”

The uDesign software was initially launched in 2018 for in-office printing use only. The features quickly evolved as orthodontists requested more and more functionality and uLab invested heavily in giving practitioners ultimate control. As the company expanded to provide uSmile™ aligners and the uAssist treatment planning assistance service, investment in the uDesign platform increased to accommodate easy flexibility not offered on other aligner platforms. The ability to print or purchase aligners and use the treatment planning service or the AI-guided tools on their own, is unique and unparalleled in the industry.

“The uLab platform ecosystem is very robust. I can create aligners in a day, print in-office or send to uSmile for production, lean on the uAssist team to tackle the more involved cases and see a consult at 8am and have IDB trays ready by a 10am appointment if needed. All this functionality and the ability to manage my cost is still superior to all other companies,”

says Dr. Bill Layman, Straighten Up Orthodontics in Clearwater, Florida.

There is no cost to install uDesign. The new software package will be available the week of May 13th. Current users will be notified upon login to update their version.

About uLab Systems
uLab’s mission is to advance the orthodontic industry with aligner products and digital treatment planning software that enable orthodontists take back control of their treatment plans and provide the best outcomes for their patients. uLab sustainably manufactures uSmile aligners in Memphis, TN, recycling over 80% of manufacturing mold materials. To learn more visit
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