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uLab Systems Enters Preferred Provider Agreement with SG Management LLC (Schulman Group)

San Mateo, CAuLab Systems™, the creator of the uSmile™ Clear Aligner System, announced today that it has entered into a supply agreement with the SG Management LLC (Schulman Group), a pre-eminent Orthodontic Service Organization consisting of the top 2% of orthodontic practices in the United States.

uLab will be an in-office printing and clear aligner Preferred Provider to the Schulman Group. This arrangement applies to both STLs for orthodontists who 3D-print aligners in-office, and to uSmile Clear Aligners – a best-in-class clear aligner system manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Memphis, TN with a capacity of over 3 million aligners per year.

Dr. Bob Bray, President and CEO of the Schulman Group, said: “Having access to the best technology is critical to members of the Schulman group. uLab offers the highest quality aligners and software and we are excited to provide our members access to uLab products.”

The Preferred Provider agreement will provide orthodontists in the Schulman Group with an innovative, AI-based, high-quality platform with a growing array of specialist products—all with an industry-first pricing structure. For its part, uLab will add some of the best and most productive orthodontists in the United States to its growing customer list.

“We are honored to be selected by the Schulman Group as a preferred aligner provider,” said uLab’s CEO Amir Abolfathi. “The Schulman Group has a stellar reputation in the orthodontic community worldwide and working together validates our commitment to innovation and a customer-centric business model.”

uLab Systems is exclusively focused on meeting the unique needs of orthodontists. The platform features efficient AI-assisted treatment planning, a ground-breaking pricing structure, rapid aligner delivery, the ability to mix brackets and aligners in the same case, and optional aligner packaging showcasing the orthodontist’s brand.

This means that the orthodontist can have full control over the treatment process by planning the case in as few as 10 minutes without any back and forth with a remote technician, use their preferred mix of treatment modalities, and have aligners delivered in ten days or less in custom packaging.  All of this is delivered using an industry-first pricing structure that enables new uses for aligners while offering significant savings on aligner bills across all case types.1

Dr. Curtis Dailey, a highly respected Schulman Group Member, said: “Ulab has been a game-changer for my practice, allowing me same-day starts with clear aligner therapy.”

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About uLab Systems

Located in San Mateo, CA, uLab Systems is led by a proven team of engineers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience bringing innovative new products to market. uLab’s mission is to advance the orthodontic industry with digital treatment planning software and aligner products that let orthodontists take back control of their treatment plans.

About SG Management LLC (Schulman Group)

SG Management, LLC formed in April 2018 as an independent member-owned Dental Support Organization (DSO). Each member is an equal shareholder in the SG Management LLC while remaining an independent owner of their practice. The DSO offers clinical products, programs and services to support the growth of its members. The DSO is actively purchasing orthodontic practices which are consistent with SG Management criteria.

uLab Systems Media Contact

David Thrower
Chief Commercial Officer

Schulman Group Media Contact

Chris Vranas
Executive Director


[1] Data on file. Based on an average distribution of cases and competitor price for an average Orthodontist customer. Please see uLab Terms and Conditions for details.

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