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uLab Systems Further Simplifies the Aligner Workflow With EasyRx Integration

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–uLab Systems, the creator of the revolutionary aligner system now integrates with EasyRx, a leader in digital workflow. The EasyRx integration will create a streamlined digital workflow for participating uLab users. Now digital files can be seamlessly shared to simplify the workflow for the orthodontist.

We’re very, very excited to add the uLab integration. More and more practices are implementing uLab as their in-office aligner solution. Integrating EasyRx and uLab offers a powerful, fully integrated aligner workflow. Our joint customers will greatly benefit from the integration

– said Todd Blankenbecler, President and CEO of EasyRx.

As Dr. Kadar of Kadar Orthodontics in New Jersey states,

The uLab Systems and EasyRx integration has eliminated confusion, chaos, and misplaced appliances / prescriptions. Our team can now manage our 3D digital workflow for every patient throughout our entire office and manage everything remotely. Together, uLab Systems & EasyRx provide seamless coordination from our clinic to the in-office lab and administrative areas and ultimately, delivery to the patient. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety for our entire team while ensuring we maintain the best patient experience and outcomes.

Joe Breeland, the Executive Vice President of Sales states,

We had substantial enhancements in our recent uLab 5.5 software release. The EasyRx integration offers our users an opportunity to truly control their digital workflow. This is a strong integration given our focus to give control back to the orthodontist.

uLab and EasyRx will both be present at AAO 2020 in Atlanta, GA. uLab is currently expanding their strategic launch by offering a limited number of individual onboarding sessions to orthodontists before AAO 2020. If you would like to learn more about uLab Systems or are interested in partnering with uLab, please visit or contact us via the information below.

About uLab Systems

uLab is led by entrepreneurs and technologists committed to serving the orthodontic community and their patients by giving control back to orthodontists. uLab Systems is located in San Mateo, CA and was founded in 2015 by Charlie Wen and Amir Abolfathi.

About EasyRx

The EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription and Digital Workflow platform is an open platform and offers integrations with practice management, lab management software, intra-oral scanner and 3D printer solutions. EasyRx offers the EasyRx Connected lab network to connect practices and labs. It also offers EasyRx 3D – STL basing software to facilitate 3D printing.



uLab Systems Media Contact 
Joe Breeland
Executive Vice President of Sales

EasyRX Media Contact 
Todd Blankenbecler
Chief Executive Officer

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