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uDesign® 7.3 Eruption Domes and Passive Aligners

What’s erupting in uDesign? Domes!
With more orthodontic practices employing uSmile™ aligners in Phase I cases, uLab® heeded the request for eruption domes. This feature is currently available with uDesign 7.3.

Users can choose between the Flexi-Dome (AI-rendered tooth-shaped) and the Cylinder-Dome, according to their needs. These domes help anticipate the pathway, size and shape of the erupting tooth based on its location and surrounding morphology. Domes allow you to see the anticipated erupting tooth movement as you are building the dome. They also allow you to freeze the dome from start to finish if desired.

Users can view the occlusal interference, and use tools to move the dome as they would an erupted tooth.

This feature can also be helpful during the retention stage between Phase I and Phase II treatments.

Ask your trainer for a demo!

Passive Aligners

Passive aligners (aligners with no built-in movement) can be quite useful, and can now be added at any point in a uLab treatment plan. Users can insert them to equalize the number of upper and lower aligners without incurring velocity changes. If a practitioner prefers treatment plans with stages in multiples of 4 for easier scheduling, passive aligners can facilitate this.

There can also be clinical reasons to include passive aligners in a plan. For example, when strategically staging a crossbite case, users may wish to hold one arch while moving the other until occlusal interference resolves.

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