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uLab® enables direct-to-patient shipments for uSmile™ Retainers

Memphis, Tennessee (November 28, 2023)—uLab Systems™, an innovation leader in the clear aligner market and maker of the uSmile aligner product line, the uDesign® treatment planning software and the uAssist™ concierge service that together create the Smart Outcomes™ for a Smart Office™ platform exclusively for orthodontists, announces the ability to ship uSmile retainers directly to the patient at the discretion of the prescribing practitioner.

Orthodontic offices have the option to designate where they want subsequent retainer orders shipped once the fit of the first set of retainers has been confirmed in an office visit as part of the treatment plan. This makes ongoing retentive treatment more convenient for the patient and for the office. Patients who need replacement retainers while away at college, have moved, or simply have busy schedules, save a trip to their orthodontist’s office. Obtaining replacement retainers quickly and conveniently can help prevent relapse. The option to ship subsequent retainer orders to an address other than the practitioner’s office is presented during the check-out process.

“In an environment where convenience is key for patients and time saving workflows are top priority for busy offices, we felt it was critical to enable the orthodontist to choose when it is easier and appropriate to ship to their patient rather than the office,” says Amir Abolfathi, CEO of co-founder of uLab, “Once a patient is done with active treatment, they want their ongoing care to be easy. These are the simple innovations that can really mean a lot to our customers.”

uLab offers a robust retainer platform for orthodontists to prescribe retainers their way. uSmile retainers can be ordered a la carte or in a bundle that includes an elegant retainer case that can be custom branded with the prescribing office’s logo. Tools such as digital bracket removal, lingual bar settings and the ability to create active retainers give orthodontists a breadth of flexibility not available on other aligner platforms. Retainers can be created by the office and printed in-office or sent to the uAssist service and ordered from our US-based manufacturing facility. The option to ship appropriate retainer orders to an alternate address is available in versions of uDesign 7.3 and later.

“Ordering repeat retainers from uLab has saved my office so much time. I have even recently started using the bracket removal feature to have retainers ready at debond. Once a patient is done with their bracket treatment and we establish that their retainers fit well, they can get replacements without an office visit—they love it!” says Dr. Eric Wu from Wu Orthodontics in Palo Alto, California.

uLab’s upcoming webinar, Successful Retainers at Debond featuring Taylor Dushkin, the Director of Operations at Hunter Family Orthodontics in Woodlands, Texas, will cover how they use the uDesign retainer platform for planning the first set of retainers for patients. Click to register [here].

About uLab Systems
uLab Systems is led by an experienced team of healthcare innovators helping to transform options for orthodontic practices to provide the best outcomes for their patients. uLab’s mission is to advance the orthodontic industry with aligner products and digital treatment planning software that let orthodontists take back control of their treatment plans. uLab sustainably manufactures uSmile aligners in Memphis, TN, recycling over 80% of manufacturing mold materials. uSmile clear aligners, the uAssist concierge service and the uDesign software are available to orthodontic practices in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. To learn more visit
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