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uLab Systems Continues to Innovate with Upcoming 5.0 Software Release and Reaches 25,000 Cases

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–uLab Systems, the creator of the state-of-the-art aligner planning software, announced the release of Version 5.0 of the design Software available to users in early September 2019.

Orthodontists who have participated in previous software releases have reported extremely positive feedback on uLab and this software release should be the most impactful yet. Customers specifically like the intuitive design of the software, ease of movement planning, and simplicity of integrating uLab into their workflow. With uLab, doctors can create movement plans in as little as 10 minutes. uLab also makes same day aligners and combo / hybrid cases possible for the first time.

Dr. Kevin J. Ison of Orthodontic Specialists in Ohio has participated in the limited release.

In an extremely short time uLab’s software has allowed us to exponentially increase the number of hybrid / combo cases that we’re doing, and our patients love it! We were going nowhere with our in-office 3D printing of aligners until we discovered uLab Systems. Since adopting the uLab platform in early 2019 it has revolutionized our orthodontic practice.

Charlie Wen, President and Chief Technology Officer of uLab, states

We are proud of the 5.0 release which contains over 25 new features, all of which give control back to the orthodontists, which has been our vision from the start. The three features that I am most excited about are:

  1. Automatic Segmentation – With just the touch of a button the uLab Artificial Intelligence quickly identifies the teeth. There is no longer a need to manually select individual teeth, saving valuable time.
  2. Virtual Bracket Removal – Virtually remove your patients brackets before their final appointment and have their finishing appliances ready, saving an appointment.
  3. Velocity Variability Across Stages – You determine what is best for the patient. Slow down velocities during some more difficult movements or even speed things up during easier stages. Treatment planning can be done in less than 10 minutes and the first three stages can be printed with any uLab preferred printer so that you can provide patients their aligners within the same appointment. The control is truly in your hands.

Joe Breeland, Chief Commercial Officer of uLab, states:

Our limited launch has been a great success and we are constantly working to make uLab even better. In fact, we now have over 25,000 movement plans completed in North America. If you have not tried uLab yet, I invite you to join one of our training sessions while spots are still available.

uLab is currently expanding their limited launch by offering a finite number of individual onboarding sessions to orthodontists in 2019. If you would like to learn more about uLab Systems or are interested in partnering with uLab, please visit or contact us via the information below.

About uLab Systems

uLab is led by entrepreneurs and technologists committed to serving the orthodontic community and their patients by giving control back to orthodontists. uLab Systems is located in Redwood City, CA and was founded in 2015 by Charlie Wen and Amir Abolfathi.


Joe Breeland
Chief Commercial Officer

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