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uLab Systems Offers Trailblazing Pricing Structure for Aligners

SAN MATEO, CA – uLab Systems™, the creator of the uSmile™ Clear Aligner System, is offering the orthodontic community an industry-first pricing structure for aligners. Through its uLab Partner Program, orthodontists now have access to highly economical per aligner pricing for simpler cases with an automatic price ceiling that unlocks unlimited aligners for as low as $950*[1] per case.

Upon hearing details about the new pricing, orthodontist Christian Kenworthy said,

“uLab’s new fee structure—per aligner pricing with a case fee ceiling—is a game changer.”

The unique pricing structure allows orthodontists to:

  • Purchase aligners as needed. For simple and moderate cases, orthodontists will only pay for what they use. Unlike other companies, there is no expensive upfront commitment for a comprehensive package.
  • For more complex cases, orthodontists will pay per aligner until reaching the case fee ceiling – as low as $950[1] – after which the remaining aligners are no-charge. If a case finishes early, it costs the orthodontist less. If the case is longer than anticipated, the price to the orthodontist is capped.
  • Although savings can vary, on average orthodontists should expect to save over 40%[2]

For orthodontists who sign up for uSmile Clear Aligners by March 1st, uLab will match the loyalty status they have with another manufacturer for 12 months so they can immediately take advantage of the savings offered by uLab.

Guided by orthodontist advisors, uLab was founded by Amir Abolfathi and Charlie Wen who have created a unique business model to suit the exclusive needs of orthodontists.

“When my co-founder and I started uLab several years ago, we were perplexed by the trends in the orthodontic space,” says Abolfathi. “One of those was aligner pricing. Complicated package structures combined with years of price increases created a situation where orthodontists faced large lab fees no matter what the case type. We set out to re-balance the market by creating a company that is fully committed to supporting the orthodontist.”

This ground-breaking pricing model is just one example of how uLab strives to support the unique needs of the orthodontic community and give orthodontists what they want: high-quality aligners, easy control over treatment planning, delivery of aligners in 10 days or less, and all for a reasonable cost.

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About uLab Systems

Located in San Mateo, CA, uLab Systems is led by a proven team of engineers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience bringing innovative new products to market. uLab’s mission is to advance the orthodontic industry with digital treatment planning software and aligner products that let orthodontists easily take back control of their treatment plans.


uLab Systems Media Contact
David Thrower
Chief Commercial Officer

[1] See uLab Partner Program terms and conditions for more details.

[2] Data on file.  Based on an average distribution of cases and competitor price for an average Orthodontist customer.

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