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uLab Systems Surpasses Another Milestone: 200,000 Cases

SAN MATEO, CA – uLab Systems™, the creator of the uSmile™ Clear Aligner System, has reached yet another key business milestone of more than 200,000 cases planned to date in the United States. This impressive growth is testimony to uLab’s innovative AI-based software, best-in-class clear aligner system, and its laser focus on supporting the orthodontic community.

uLab was founded by Amir Abolfathi and Charlie Wen, who were both pivotal in bringing the original clear aligners to market over 20 years ago.

“When my Co-founder and I started uLab in 2015, we were perplexed by the trends in the orthodontic space,” says Abolfathi. “Why were so many companies going around the orthodontist to the GP Dentist or straight to the consumer? We set out to rebalance the market by creating a company that is fully committed to supporting the orthodontist with unique innovation and a customer-focused business model.”

The company is breaking the mold on aligner pricing. Most aligner companies require orthodontists to commit to expensive aligner packages before treatment even starts. With the uLab Partner Program, orthodontists pay per aligner until they reach the case fee ceiling—as low as $950[1]—after which aligners are free of charge for a three year case. This unique structure means orthodontists benefit both from per aligner pricing and a guaranteed maximum price per case.

uLab’s customer-centric approach is winning over orthodontists like Dr. John Graham of Salt Lake City, Utah:

“uLab Systems is responsive in a way that I’ve never experienced with any other company. They take their customers seriously and respond to requests quickly, which is reason enough to try their product.”

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About uLab Systems 

Located in San Mateo, CA, uLab Systems is led by a proven team of engineers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience bringing innovative new products to market. uLab’s mission is to advance the orthodontic industry with digital treatment planning software and aligner products that let orthodontists take back control of their treatment plans.


uLab Systems Media Contact
David Thrower
Chief Commercial Officer

[1] See uLab Partner Program terms and conditions for more details.

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