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Tessa’s uDesign® Tips and Tricks

Tessa Magliulo, Lab Technician at Cuozzo Orthodontics:

Favorite Go-To digital tools
I love using the magic wand in the tooth correction tool for bracket cases or retainer creation. A quick paintbrush stroke and click makes it super easy to smooth or remove little artifacts! We now order all our retainers from uLab and love the ease of creating them and the rapid delivery time.
My other favorite tool is the digital fill in the print screen—this is a game changer—it saves a ton of time and money on transbond or putty.

Favorite new uDesign® 7 features
I love the uAssist option for when our team is busy or we have a complex case that might require more time to treatment plan. I also really like the Manage Spaces feature in Guided Setup which automatically removes spaces and collisions with one click. We commonly use the A/P correction option, but at this time of year (winter months) we are treating more relapse cases for college students. These relapse cases are generally easy cases, and it is great to have quick turn-around on aligners so we can get them back to the patient before they leave for college again. I also love being able to have multiple (current and previous) treatment plans for the same patient in one location to streamline refinements.

Collisions in red and spaces in white before using the Manage Spaces functionSpaces automatically redistributed to eliminate collisions


Talking to patients about uSmile Clear Aligners
When we talk to our patients about clear aligners, they are always very happy that we are recommending aligners over fixed appliances. We tell our patients that uSmile clear aligners are like the big brand, but the orthodontist has more control over the treatment plan. Patients like to hear that if there is something they specifically want to fix, the doctor can make that modification, whereas with other systems, that is not always possible. And for mild cases requiring only minor movements, we can charge less since we’re not paying a high lab fee for just a few aligners.

Tessa Magliulo, Lab Technician
Cuozzo Orthodontics
Lincroft, NJ

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