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uLab® announces innovative, industry-first pricing structure optimizing orthodontic costs and flexibility

Memphis, Tennessee (June 28, 2023)—uLab Systems™, the creator of the uSmile™ clear aligner platform and the uAssist™ treatment planning assistance service, announces a new flexible pricing structure that combines case bundle and a la carte options. Orthodontists choose the best mix-and-match purchase option for each patient’s case after seeing the treatment plan; you plan, you choose, and you and your patient smile.

Access to case bundles is made possible by downloading the AI-driven uDesign® 7.3 software update available in early July. Options such as the uAssist concierge service, custom packaging, shipping, and retainers are included in mild, moderate, and comprehensive bundles. To simplify decision-making, the software calculates the price of various options so the orthodontist can make the most appropriate choice. If, after purchasing a mild or moderate bundle, the patient requires more aligners then a la carte aligners can be added at any time. Whether the user chooses a bundle for maximum savings or a la carte for maximum flexibility, they are protected by a total case backstop: a price set per patient that the user will not exceed regardless of the purchase options chosen.

“Adding options for orthodontists to order in bundles was something we wanted to do as a convenience for when they know they have a comprehensive case, but we also wanted to maintain the flexibility and economics of the pay-per-aligner approach,”

says Amir Abolfathi, CEO and co-founder. “Now we offer the best of both worlds.”

Along with these new purchase options, uLab has dramatically simplified its discounting structure to make it easier to qualify for discounted pricing. This flexibility in purchase options allows orthodontists to treat the patient with the best clinical approach, unencumbered by restrictive purchase plans and volume-based tiers.

Also Included in the uDesign 7.3 software release are several enhanced clinical planning and protocol tools including: eruption domes, streamlined attachment protocols, and enhanced bite ramps, passive aligners, and digital model viewing operations. All designed to save valuable planning time and enhance clinical outcomes.

uLab is dedicated to innovating for the orthodontic specialty, providing practitioners with easy access to innovative, state-of-the-art tools that enable the flexibility to control the patient treatment plan, unencumbered by pricing structure confines and restrictive protocols. Introductory bundle prices will be in place until the end of the year.

About uLab Systems
uLab Systems is led by an experienced team of healthcare innovators helping to transform options for orthodontic practices to provide the best outcomes for their patients. uLab’s mission is to advance the orthodontic industry with aligner products and digital treatment planning software that let orthodontists take back control of their treatment plans. uLab sustainably manufactures uSmile aligners in Memphis, TN, recycling over 80% of manufacturing mold materials. uSmile clear aligners, the uAssist concierge service and the uDesign software are available to orthodontic practices in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. To learn more visit

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