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ClinChat, Vol 1


The Clinical Specialists hope you are enjoying uDesign® and thriving as you treatment plan your cases. We know that during your initial training there is a whirlwind of information presented to you, and by the end of the session, there may have been a few helpful tips forgotten along the way. In this column, we want to keep you updated on all things uDesign and offer tips for its use you may have overlooked. Input from both the Clinical Development Specialists (CDS) and Clinical Education Specialists (CES) will cover various topics for the beginner and the seasoned uDesign user.

Here are few helpful tips when using uDesign:

  • A clean, artifact-free scan will save you time and frustration when you bring in the scan for model correction.
  • You can manage spaces multiple ways while in Guided Set-up.
    • Manual: manipulate the spaces and collisions by hovering over the “red=collision” number, or “white=space” number. You can increase or decrease the numbers by clicking on the plus or minus symbols.
    • Manage Spaces: click on the “Manage Spaces” icon and specify certain areas you want to manage 3-3 or 4-4 or 5-5, keep in mind this is mesial of the teeth.
    • Auto Correct: This feature resolves spaces and collisions within the entire arch (affecting teeth that are not locked) in .05mm increments per click.
  • Guided Set-up also offers the “Arch Section Adjustments.” You can quickly expand (great for crowding), constrict (great for closing spaces), procline or retrocline the posterior (4-7) and the anterior (3-3).
  • To highlight multiple teeth for bilateral movement, hold down the CTRL key and left click on each tooth you want to highlight and use the white tooth panel box to make your desired movements. To turn off, simply click again on any of the highlighted teeth.
  • uLab® University has helpful videos showcasing useful tools and how to use them in uDesign. It can be accessed in, using the same login as uDesign.

Client Services and the Clinical Specialists are available and happy to answer your questions-we are here to help! Feel free to call, or email.

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