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Dr. Dionne Leverages uDesign® for Communication

Dr. Dennis Dionne, Dionne Orthodontics

Tip #1 Leverage uDesign for communication

uDesign is a very well-designed treatment planning platform; however, in our office we also leverage it as a powerful, free communication tool to demonstrate targeted results to patients.

While the treatment planning is fresh in my mind, I capture a short video of the treatment progression in the software; I move the models to show different angles, while describing my treatment plan. I send this narrated video (we use Snagit, on a PC, with a good headset) to the patient and any allied specialist involved. Then we are all on the same page before treatment starts. It takes just a few minutes of my time to create, and it is much more effective than a written plan. Patients appreciate hearing the treating doctor personally explaining the treatment, and they can rewatch and share the information with family members.

As a bonus, if I determine that aligners are the best treatment for the patient, I simply order them based on the treatment plan I already created.

Tip #2 Don’t have aligner patients and braces patients. Just have patients
In my practice, we scan and upload pretty much every patient into the uDesign software. It is a diagnostic tool, treatment simulator, communication tool and a production tool. This workflow forces me to think about the whole patient process. I must consider all aspects of their treatment and the best solution to optimize what we do and when to do it.

The act of manipulating the models in uDesign helps me evaluate the case and choose the best treatment for the patient, whether that is aligners, fixed appliances or a combination. uLab® eliminates the binary decision, providing the flexibility to use the most effective tool.

If an adult comes in with a high canine, I can treat that with aligners. But I’m not going to. As soon as the rotations and extrusions are achieved with fixed appliances, I transition patients into aligners. For my practice, this means patients finish treatment sooner with fewer refinements and more predictable outcomes. In my opinion, this is much better than 3 plus years of aligners and the patient settling for a less than ideal finish because they’re tired of treatment. Once I’ve explained the reasoning behind combination treatment and demonstrate the results they can achieve with my videos, patients are always willing to accept a few months of brackets if it reduces treatment time and increase predictability. Using a combination of fixed appliances and aligners and finishing earlier than if I just used just one modality easily mitigates the cost associated with using two technologies.

Tip #3 Let uDesign make you excellent
When we talk to our patients about clear aligners, they are always very happy that we are recommending aligners over fixed appliances. We tell our patients that uSmile™️ clear aligners are like the big brand, but the orthodontist has more control over the treatment plan. Patients like to hear that if there is something they specifically want to fix, the doctor can make that modification, whereas with other systems, that is not always possible. And for mild cases requiring only minor movements, we can charge less since we’re not paying a high lab fee for just a few aligners.

Dr. Dennis Dionne
Dionne Orthodontics
Tecumseh, ON CANADA

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