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The New & Improved 7.0 Widget


After hearing a collective cry throughout the uLab universe, we have finally provided one of the most asked-for features on our client wish list! A new and improved…“7.0 Widget”! All the movements can be done by a left click and drag motion on the widget with the numerical values in millimeters and degrees displayed in real-time as you move the tooth (you can still use the tooth panel box if you prefer). Depending on the position of the model, the widget is very intuitive, it adjusts and performs various feats at different angles. Some of the improved features are:

  • When model is forward facing – The directional yellow arc at the gingiva area is root tip. The yellow arc at the incisal edge is crown tip. The yellow cross (“+”) in the middle of the tooth are the directional movements, mesial/distal/intrusion/extrusion. All it takes is a left click and drag!

  • With buccal side views – The directional yellow arc at the gingiva provides root torque. The yellow arc at the incisal edge provides crown torque (procline and retrocline). The yellow cross (“+”) in the middle of the tooth does bodily movements (buccal or lingual) or intrusion/extrusion.

  • Model occlusal view – The directional yellow arc in the center provides the traditional rotations, and the side yellow arcs provide…wait for it…Rotations with HINGED MOVEMENTS!!! You’re welcome 😊

If you still enjoy a little retro gaming like Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man and are feeling a little nostalgic, the O.G. (Original) Widget can still be found under the settings gear and is located on the General Settings page. Simply select it and don’t forget to press “SAVE” to use it while treatment planning. You can always switch back to the widget you prefer at any time. Have fun and be confident that the Clinical Specialists are here to assist you when you need it! After a few months of familiarizing yourself with 7.0 we’ll be curious, which widget is your fav?


By: Valerie Cameron,
Clinical Development Specialist




MAR-0000972 Rev 1


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