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uDesign® 7.2–What’s new?

Release Notes

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uLab® is excited to announce uDesign 7.2! This version of our treatment planning software gives the orthodontist even more control and an improved user experience.

Faster uAssist™ submissions
Use our uAssist treatment planning assistance service without completing the prescription form for every case! Instead, simply direct your uAssistant to follow a set of general preferences to plan treatment for their mild to moderate cases. The retainer workflow is further streamlined—just upload your patient’s STLs, optional clinical notes and send directly to the uAssist team. Photos and X-Rays are no longer needed. They will process your model and quickly send back for review.

Single attachment hierarchy has been re-defined. Every tooth is examined to understand the movements required, resulting in more predictable placement of the needed attachments. Attachments are now available to place on primary teeth and third molars.

Slits and cutouts
Our design logic will assist with the position and placement of slits and cutouts. The cutouts also take into consideration the size and shape of your selected button as well as the placement on the tooth.

When placing a pontic, orthodontists can select from a pontic library, use a previously scanned extracted tooth, or leverage a contralateral tooth. Clinicians now have the option to place a pontic in place of a missing 2nd molar.

The Quick-3 printing feature has a new default. Attachment templates will automatically be adjusted to stage 4, so you’ll receive them with your uSmile clear aligner delivery!

uLab listens
We listen to our customers about features we should add, workflows we can streamline and products that can make orthodontics more predictable. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our new uDesign 7.2.

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